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Independent, 100% Fee-Only Financial Planning Fiduciary
We are a 100% fee-only wealth management firm, providing comprehensive financial planning, retirement planning, and wealth management services for individual and institutional clients throughout the world. We help our clients “sleep well at night” by utilizing the same time-tested strategies used and endorsed by some of the brightest academics from the University of Chicago, Yale, and Dartmouth as well as numerous Nobel Prize winners in Economics. Unlike most of the “hype and hope” marketed by many advisors and Wall Street Firms, our strategies and processes rely on financial science, not speculation and excessive risk taking. In addition, our very detailed, comprehensive financial planning process may also include specific, detailed guidance in the areas of estate planning, risk management (insurance), tax reduction strategies, education funding, and future cash flow needs during retirement.

As a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), we are bound to a written fiduciary oath to always represent our clients’ best interests in all we do. One of the most important ways this is demonstrated is in how we are compensated. Quite simply, we receive no commissions or any other form of compensation from anyone other than our clients. This is something that our clients value greatly and why they confidently put their trust in us without worrying about conflicts of interest. This is in stark contrast to the majority of other firms who often sell products or receive additional forms of compensation. Click here to learn the significant difference between fee-only and fee-based financial planning.

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Tim Decker On the Air  

Tim Decker hosts the weekly radio show “Financial Freedom” on WHP 580 AM Harrisburg every Saturday at 12:00 Noon Eastern. He brings his extensive knowledge and over 28 years of experience to the discussion of current financial and wealth management topics. Each show also includes a Q&A session when Tim provides straightforward, unbiased answers to questions from callers. This is the program that represents your best interests, not Wall Street's.

The Sleep-Well-At-Night Investor
ISI Financial Group employs the Sleep-Well-At-Night approach to financial planning. The Sleep-Well-At-Night investor is able to put their focus and energies on the important areas of life. To achieve this, ISI Financial Group helps clients take all necessary steps to properly develop and implement a disciplined plan using prudent, time-tested strategies based on financial science. In his book, “The Sleep-Well-At-Night Investor,” Tim Decker shows readers how misinformation from the mutual fund industry has created wide spread harm to investors. The book also discusses the temptation to think of investing like gambling and the tragedy of gambling away savings and security under the guise of investing.

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